One Year Later

Source I can’t believe my very first post on this blog was posted exactly a year ago. 12 months ago. 52 weeks. 365 days ago. Many hours and minutes and seconds have passed. Time is a funny concepts. It exists, it has always existed and will continue to exist as long as our Universe exists. … More One Year Later


We are taught that our decisions will lead us in one of two ways. Either path A or path B. Either a good ending or a miserable one. What if I tell you that it is not that simple? That the decisions we make along the way are just a product of other decisions we … More Decisions

Ramadan Resolutions

Let me first start of by saying, Ramadan Kareem to anyone who is celebrating this beautiful month that makes even the angriest ones tranquil. I sincerely hope that your fasts are going well and that God gives you all the strength to worship Him in the best of manners. Ramadan is truly a spectacular month. … More Ramadan Resolutions