We are taught that our decisions will lead us in one of two ways. Either path A or path B. Either a good ending or a miserable one. What if I tell you that it is not that simple? That the decisions we make along the way are just a product of other decisions we have made which were the product of other decisions we made. So I wonder, taking into account where I am at in my life right now, what was that very first path I took to lead me here? Am I even behind my own current situation? My parents maybe…? They made many choices and so are the choices in my life a secondary manifestation because of my parents’ decisions.

You see, this is the kind of stuff my brain tries to make sense of late at night, or at any time when I am not pre-occupied with other, equally complex paradigms.

I did something recently that might change the course of the near future and I want to know what got me to that point? Going from someone that was very apprehensive to actually wanting to take this step is both frightening and exciting.

And I have tried searching for the moment I decided to take this step and I can’t find it. You know why? Because the decisions we make are not black and white. Even our decisions are the result of consequences. Let’s learn to embrace every possibility, whether you regret it or not. Because your life is your presence and all the experiences, it doesn’t matter how minute make up the particles that piece you together.

Peace xoxo


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