When you find it, keep hold of it


When you find it, keep hold of it. Keep hold of it with all that might that’s within you. When you find that friend, that partner, that hobby, that happiness…hold on to it. It’s worth it. All our lives, we hope and pray that it finds us or for those of us used to a bit of chasing, we hope we find it.

Only God knows how long I used to long for that special connection to someone, something, anything. Many came and went. I am glad. I am glad for those people and those things that have disappeared from my grasp. I let them go, sometimes willingly, most times reluctantly. But gone nevertheless. I wave the farewell to you all, it was nice knowing you but you weren’t good for me. God knows because He prevented them from hurting me.

But now I tell you, I have found it, I think. I have found happiness, at least the beginning of happiness. I have found my niche, those that will be good to me and will love me for who I am. They add joy into my life. I love them and I will keep hold of them because my God, I have found them.


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