Green and Vintage

As colourful this city (Bruges) is, I couldn’t help black dominate my clothes that day. But even I knew that a little colour was needed and that colour was added in the form of a green shirt and vintage scarf. I do tend to wear a lot of black but if you were to open … More Green and Vintage

This is Bruges

Bruges was amazing. This city is situated in the West Flanders, Belgium. It is such a picturesque place, the roads are narrow, the houses are painted in the brightest colours, there are little cafes, chocolate and fries shops on every corner. Let these few pictures do the talking, after all one picture is worth a thousand … More This is Bruges


We are taught that our decisions will lead us in one of two ways. Either path A or path B. Either a good ending or a miserable one. What if I tell you that it is not that simple? That the decisions we make along the way are just a product of other decisions we … More Decisions