Ramadan Resolutions


Let me first start of by saying, Ramadan Kareem to anyone who is celebrating this beautiful month that makes even the angriest ones tranquil. I sincerely hope that your fasts are going well and that God gives you all the strength to worship Him in the best of manners.

Ramadan is truly a spectacular month. I never experience peace the way I do during Ramadan. A lot of Muslims use Ramadan as a way to remember our real purpose in life and to work on our weaknesses. I have many of those things called weaknesses and I am so happy that God has granted me the opportunity to experience Ramadan and may He grant me the opportunity to see the end of Ramadan ameen J.

I thought I would write down a few Ramadan Resolutions that I hope to achieve and continue with for the rest of my life.

1.      Quran

When you think about it, it doesn’t seem that hard to pick up the Quran and read a bit every day. Oh, I wish that was true. In reality, many of us struggle to keep up with regular reading of the Quran including me. I have my phases where I can read chapters after chapters of the Quran and reflect on it and those are good times. Most of the time, I really do neglect it and it shows… When I don’t have the best relationship with the Quran, those are the times where my heartaches the most, when I make irrational decisions, when I am most angry. I really want this year to change me. I want to reconnect with the Quran. May it work for me, ameen.

2.      Salah (Prayers)

I do perform all my compulsory daily prayers but I do often struggle to keep my concentration in them. Granted everyone does struggle but I will sincerely make the effort this Ramadan to focus only on God during Salah. May it work for me, ameen.

3.      Silat ar-Rahim

I struggle with this big time! In Islam, maintaining the ties of kinship is very important to the point that if people break this, you will be asked about this by God on the Day of Judgement. My kinship maintenance skills are very weak. I have slowly these past few months tried to reconnect with family members that I sort of, kind of forgotten about for the sake of God. Because I know that it is very important for Him that we do not fight and cause distance to the people of the womb. I often think of this and wonder whether this will be the thing that will speak against me on the Day of Judgement. This Ramadan and beyond I will change this. I will be that annoying relative that will check in with everyone. May it work for me, ameen.

4.      Read more, less TV shows.

I think this speaks for itself…

5.      Start doing things for the sake of God

I think this beautifully ties in with all the points above. Stop thinking about other people and start living for God. Smile at a stranger, call your grandmothers up and talk to them, feed the homeless, anything because all these good deeds performed with the intention to please God and God only are successful deeds. May it work for me, ameen.

Peace xoxo


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