Marrakech Day 4

31st August 2014

This day was like no other. We travelled to village of Ourika and it was a brilliant chance to see up close how the Amazigh/Berber people of Morocco live. Very different to the major cities. North Africa has been home to Amazigh people for many years before the Arabs settled and to this day, they have held tight to their traditions and culture. They are beautiful people, very hospitable and genuine people. Then, we decided to climb the Ourika Valley and it was honestly one of the hardest, exhilarating things I have ever done. If I have to be completely honest, hiking up this mountain isn’t the most safest thing you can do. There were basically no safety implemented so I had to watch my back in fear of slipping and breaking my back or worse…But I survived and the views from above were astonishing.


Typical Amazigh house

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