The only time when your dream is better than your reality because even sleep dream can stab you in the back and show you things that are worse than your reality could ever be. Daydreaming, however, gives you the chance to be the controller, the one that decides what is happening in your head, a way of making sure you are dealing cards that you want in your hands.

Hello daydream, you have helped me in my most vulnerable times, given me another platform to express who I am…or who I think I am. I’m just kidding, we are never who we are in our daydreams.  They are merely just that – dreams and dreams aren’t real. Reality is real but who wants a slice of that when dreams are the tastiest.

Oh daydream, why don’t you visit me as much as you used to say 5, 7 or 10 years ago? Why has my reality also become my dreams? Now, I spend time thinking, worrying, analysing reality in this head of mine and you won’t come anymore? Where’s that safe haven? Perhaps this is, along with many things, the reality of growing up. Daydreaming is neglected because we’re in a prime time to blow life into these dreams. No more excuses, no more beating around the bushes. Just you and reality…reality.

Goodbye daydream, it was nice knowing you. Do come visit once in a while, reality can sometimes be a little too intense.


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