What 2014 taught me



1.       Take risks – How can we get anywhere without taking a moment and mentally saying “Go!” I learnt to just take those opportunities and go with the roll. If they lead somewhere, then fantastic. If not, then I know that I am feeling a little bit better than the version of me that would have declined this opportunity.

2.       Be stubborn – 2014 was the year that marked big changes for me and for all my peers. We graduated University and we were off to make something of our young lives. There were many times where I was just about to do something because everyone else was doing it or because I didn’t quite know what I wanted to do therefore let me copy everyone else. Do not waste your time and consequently your life living someone else’s life. Be stubborn and do what feels right. Our gut feelings or instincts or whatever you call it is very intuitive. Listen to it once in a while. I did and even though I still am somewhat a bit “lost” in life (which 21 year old isn’t?), at least I know I am being “my lost” not someone else’s “lost”.

3.       Family is everything – this was really the year that I finally understood how important family is. They are absolutely my number 2 (God is and will always be my number 1). Young people do often fall in a trap where suddenly it’s all about your friends and everyone else and family never gets much attention. Friends are great. I love my friends. They are important people in my life and I enjoy spending time with them but nobody can love you like your immediate family.

4.       Read more – I always loved reading but sometimes life gets in the way. In April, our internet connection failed on us for about a week and a half and so it forced me to go to the Library or my aunt’s house to do internet needing uni work. So when I was at home, I decided to pick up a book and read. And reading I did. I devoured so many books in such a short amount of time. I read a lot and I enjoyed living in someone else’s world for a while. Call it…escapism. I haven’t read much recently (I blame the internet and work) but there are a few on my to-read list. I hope to get there.

5.       The World is sad place to live in – This is self-explanatory so I won’t delve too deep into specific topics. We have all been keeping up with the stories around the world and I can’t believe this year has brought some horrible events. War, bloodshed, world leaders who think the law doesn’t apply to them, more war, injustice, bigotry all over the media, etc… I could wish for 2015 to be better but it probably won’t. It probably may be a lot worse. Look, I know life has never been perfect. Looking back on the World’s history will show us that but you would think that we got to a time where we can grow together economically, developmentally, socially, education-wise, health-wise etc…but we are far from that. We aren’t any better than our forefathers. And don’t play the “well, woman have many rights now than before, or poverty has been reduced significantly, or education has become more available than what it used to be” cards. I don’t give a damn what we couldn’t do then. I care about what we can’t do today.


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