Marrakech Day 4

31st August 2014 This day was like no other. We travelled to village of Ourika and it was a brilliant chance to see up close how the Amazigh/Berber people of Morocco live. Very different to the major cities. North Africa has been home to Amazigh people for many years before the Arabs settled and to … More Marrakech Day 4

Do Nothing

Essaouira  Sometimes I really do not know what I am doing, what my purpose is, who I really am. Do I wait for it or do I pursue opportunities? Is it always wrong to wait for things? Is it wrong that sometimes you are just tired and you do not want to fight anymore? I … More Do Nothing


Source The only time when your dream is better than your reality because even sleep dream can stab you in the back and show you things that are worse than your reality could ever be. Daydreaming, however, gives you the chance to be the controller, the one that decides what is happening in your head, … More Daydream

What 2014 taught me

Source 1.       Take risks – How can we get anywhere without taking a moment and mentally saying “Go!” I learnt to just take those opportunities and go with the roll. If they lead somewhere, then fantastic. If not, then I know that I am feeling a little bit better than the version of me that … More What 2014 taught me