My Top 5 Places That I Want To Travel To Now

I thought I would put a blog post up but with a much lighter tone. I am not exactly your travel junkie. I haven’t been to 20 different countries and immersed myself in their way of living. I would like to. I would love to! So, I have devised my top 5 places I really, really, really want to visit and now!

5. Italy

–  I am in love with the idea of Italy. That country looks mesmerising and that’s just the photos that I see. I think in real life, I would be so overwhelmed. I don’t really have any particular cities that I want to see. Any Italy will do but if I must choose… 1. Rome, 2. Venice, 3.Tuscany, 4. Milan 5. Versace

  1. New York

–  Erm, must I explain this one. It is New York City, duh. In all seriousness, NYC is probably on everyone’s list and that’s probably the closest I am going to get to USA. Hmm… LA, San Fran and Chicago are other places I might take a quick trip to.

  1. Malta

– Malta is like that sweet child that does no wrong to any person and is adorable and beautiful. Malta is breath taking but the thing I like the most about this small Island is just that; it is small. Small, peaceful and beautiful. It would make the perfect quick getaway to a warm country. People also say that Malta is like a lovechild of Italy and North Africa so I am excited to see how this Island is able to incorporate both.

  1. Mecca

– This is purely for religious reasons. I want to perform the important Hajj pilgrimage. My parents went to perform Umrah this year which is like the compulsory pilgrimage only that it can be performed any time in the year and has fewer rites to perform. Their experience was so peaceful and I want to be in the presence of the Kaaba and pray to God at the exact place where our Prophet (peace be upon him) prayed. Hopefully one day soon.


– This has been my dream for a long time. I am in love with all things Turkish. I find the Turkish people amazing. I find their language beautiful (and I am currently teaching myself it). I find the country stunning. I just want it all. And people I know who have come back from trips to Istanbul have said it is one of their favourite places ever. So may this dream of mine come true!


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