The Nightly Invitation

55Laney69 / flickr.comSource

She stood up and walked to the window.

“Come back to me,” she whispered softly as she slowly pressed her fragile finger tips on the window glass.

It was almost dark outside. The last red streaks that paint the sky so beautifully were disappearing. The ugly step sister that spills darkness above our heads is about to make her presence known.

“Come back to me,” she spoke softly again.

Once the black void engulfed her side of the Earth, it also invites itself into her body. First starting with her eyes as she witnesses the departure of her safety net. Next, it is her mind that falls victim to this gruesome terrorist. Then, it settles all over her body. Tired. Exhaustion. Weak.

The only “pure” piece of her that remained protected was her heart. The ugly has not yet found its way in but it is close and protect her last territory she must.


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