October 17 Photo Challenge | Q is for… Quiet

quietThis was the first name I went to Wales. My sister and I were trekking Mount Snowdon to raise money for an oncology hospital unit. It was a very hectic day. The wind was not on our side and it literally blew me all over the place. It was slightly amusing, seeing our pack falling about. I think the wind speed was approx. 55mph and the higher we were going, the scarier it was. So of course that experience was anything but quiet. However, on our way back, people were spread about and we weren’t all closely following each other. It got to a point where the surrounding was so peaceful. All I heard was the melodic sound of nature and my footsteps. I was in a quiet zone, I could relax.

Now, I find myself craving for quiet. Ever since I have graduated from University, my mind is craving pure quietness. I worked in the busy city of London for 3 months, prepared for and attended a very hectic Pakistani wedding, flew all the way to Africa for a travel break and now I somehow landed myself a 9-5 job. The only time I relax is when I get home but even then I am not doing my body or mind justice. The funny thing is that this year was meant to be my way of taking a break. Taking a break from studying to carefully analysis what career path I wish to embark on and closely considering Masters programmes. Whilst I make that decision, I decided to work, earn money and most importantly, gain skills. Now, when I am meant to be relaxing and shutting my brain off (momentarily), I invite never-ending thoughts. I am constantly thinking of my career, what do I want to do, what will I be happy with, how can I improve myself, what if I am making all the wrong decisions? All these and 1000 more questions are circling in my tired mind every.single.day.

I know that I am 21 (I turned 21 not even two months ago) and I am a novice at this thing called “adult life”. I just want to know how can I regain quiet again. How do I gain access to those moments where you sit (or lay down) and you truly switch off. And no, the answer is not sleep. That’s the easy way out.


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