October Day 3 Photo Challenge | C is for…Cat


I took this photo on 30th August 2014 at the Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech. Amidst the beautiful botanical plants and the tranquil atmosphere away from the heat of the city, my family and I stumbled upon this wonderful cat. One thing you should know before you go to Marrakech is that you will without a doubt come cross a lot of these stray felines. If you see someone give these cats even a bit of attention, you know they are definitely not local. The people of Marrakech are not even slightly bothered with their sight but I absolutely love cats and I can’t help but feel like I must adopt them all!

But this particular cat was so sweet. He/she wouldn’t leave our side for such a long time and when we finally left, I couldn’t stop thinking about this beautiful cat.

Ahh, animals are lovely.

p.s. That’s my brother who the cat felt very comfortable with.


3 thoughts on “October Day 3 Photo Challenge | C is for…Cat

  1. Marrackech!, wow! for sure one of the places I’d like to visit one day. I love cats, they need so much love, I’m always sad when I see one stray cat, they are alone, needing a home.


    1. Most definitely go and visit Marrakech. It’s a magical place in its own right! I will post in the future a quick post on what to expect when you go to Marrakech and my experience there so do look out for that 🙂
      And yes, if you do go to Marrakech, you’ll be in cat heaven. One in every corner!

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