7 Realizations You’ll Inevitably Have After Graduating College

7 Realisations You’ll Inevitably Have After Graduating University/College. “Hardship may dishearten at first, but every hardship passes away. All despair is followed by hope; all darkness is followed by sunshine.” – Rumi.

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As a relatively recent graduate and eager twenty-something year old on a mission to get ahold of her life, I have finally come to terms with these seven undeniable realizations after college.

1. It is O.K. to move back in with the parents. Temporarily.

As if a full-time position as a college student isn’t enough stress on its own, throw in extracurricular activities, adult-like responsibilities, and the social life of a nonstop juggling circus act. Now, top it all off with a job. If you’re like me, the money part of college got swept to the back-burner. Where does that land a poor student after graduation? Back in a spare bedroom with the parents. But nothing beats moving back home like free rent, which allows just enough time to save up for that luxurious (we are still dreamers) studio apartment.

2. The dream job might not happen right away.

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